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website development company in hoziwala

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How to Catch and Keep a Journalist in Content Marketing

It wasn’t long ago that most of us believed journalists would be forever at odds with content marketing. Their firm desire to maintain a complete separation between editorial work and publishing work seemed sure to doom any joint project. But then many things changed. Brands became more adept at self-reflective storytelling. Newspaper profit margins went into freefall, and people’s trust in traditional media took a similar dive. Now, barriers have crumbled. Journalists are taking a seat in-house at brands and that’s great news for everyone involved website development company in hoziwala.

Brands and journalists: A mutually beneficial relationship

From the writers’ point of view, working with brands gives them a way to take on new challenges, practice their craft, and add both stability and growth potential to their careers – opportunities that can be hard to come by in traditional media jobs. In the past 15 years, more journalists have lost their jobs than coal miners.

1. Share your brand’s passions and values

Never pitch your brand as boring. Not ever. If you can’t find a hook to interest a journalist in what you have to offer, you can’t expect them to want the challenge of communicating with an audience on your behalf website development company in hoziwala.

2. Show them the money

Journalists who have spent their careers in professional media are chronically overeducated and underpaid. Many have earned multiple advanced degrees; yet, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, they earn an average of one-third less than high school teachers.

And that’s if they’re able to find steady work. Not only have staff jobs continued to dry up, the highly competitive market for cheap freelance writing talent has forced even the most skilled journalists to reduce their asking rates.

The opportunity to advance their careers while earning a steady paycheck (either salaried or as a contracted contributor) without sacrificing the creative stimulation their work provides to them can hold a lot of appeal – which makes it well worth mentioning in your job description and candidate interviews.

3. Be transparent about your team structure and process

A content marketing team needs to do many things well, one of which just happens to be a strength of journalists – working story ideas through an editorial process.

Compared to traditional marketers who transition to content marketing roles, journalists likely have experience working in newsroom-like settings and understand all the steps to turn ideas into publication-ready content. They know how to gather input from multiple sources; manage review and approval processes; and edit, proof, and fact-check their copy.

4. Clear their path to research data and expert insights

Even Pulitzer Prize-winning writers are only as good as the sources they can tap for accurate, insightful information. For content marketers, interesting story sources often are inside your organization – from the people who build your products to your sales and customer support staff who are the keepers of stories from satisfied customers. Their stories will go untold and your staff writers unfulfilled if you can’t ensure that your writing team will have reliable, firsthand access to those subject-matter experts.

5. Ease their concerns with a soft onboarding ramp

Crafting purposeful business stories may not come naturally to every skilled writer (journalists included) for a variety of reasons. For example, they may have to ramp up their knowledge of basic marketing principles, gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of your industry, or go through a few revision rounds before they nail your brand voice and messaging perfectly.

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