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Website development company in india

Website development company in india

Ethos Teck powered by Aviral Trendz Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned name for the best website development company in Surat, Mumbai (India). We have channeled our passion in designing websites and developing mobile applications,Website development company in india…….

How To Develop a ChatBot System? The FEEDO Chatbot project 🙂


In this tutorial, we will learn how to develop chat applications in PHP.

The source code can be attached and used for free for any possible purposes.

Our project consists of developing a chat application for people who have ‘common affinities’ so that they can match together and chat.

This is just a sample project for educational purposes. It is untested and provides no guarantee whatsoever in terms of quality.

Whether you are running a restaurant, hospital, a car showroom or you own any other business that provides services to customers and caters to their needs, there is always a need to understand what your customers think about your services so that you can improve them with powerful Feedback app and get a real time Feedback.
Making sure that your services maintain a high quality and at the same time identifying what areas need improvement, is crucial for every business.
Understanding your customers will enable you to offer service quality that delights your customers and converts your customers into brand ambassadors for your business.
So use Restaurant Feedback app or Restaurant Survey app. For More info visit our site FEEDO CHATBOT
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Designing the Chat system

A chat system, you will find tons over the internet. It is one of the most primitive Web applications which is known and chat systems have their roots blend with the birth of the internet itself!

Think about IRC for instance! Nevertheless, chats are extremely popular nowadays.

Think of Skype, WeChat, telegram and more then social media application etc.

feedback in the workplace. To them, asking for feedback feels like a distraction. Or giving feedback seems unnecessarily negative and burden to consider. They’re thinking: “Of all the things that need to happen in running a team, do we really need to spend all this time and energy on feedback?” Importants of Feedback is ovelall the world for growth of any business or organisation.som lets take feedback with our application.

Chats can run as desktop applications or as Mobile applications, both usages seem to be prevalent as well.

Now with the ‘modern’ web, chats can be very fluid, pleasant, and provided with a beautiful user interface – far from the old IRC systems. It is often a pleasure to write messages on modern chats because they are so elegant and fast.

As a result of the novel coronavirus, many workplaces are having their employees work from home. This has led to a sharp spike in new app installs for Zoom during the middle of March, also with a notable uptick for Skype for Business, GoToMeeting and In fact, between March 11 and March 22, total new installs of these four apps grew 2000% over January totals.

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