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website development company in navsari

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How to Optimize Your Site for Google Carousel Results

Have you seen a slow decline in organic search traffic website development company in navsari bazar?

You are not alone.

SEO has become more complicated, yet it remains the most effective and sought-after source of traffic and conversions website development company in navsari bazar.

Google’s search results are becoming richer and more interactive, but there’s still an opportunity for brand visibility in almost any of them.

Here’s a clear guide on one of the newest and fastest-developing search elements: Google’s carousels.

What are Google carousel results?

A Google carousel is a row of rich (i.e., visual) results that searchers can interact with.

They’re common on mobile devices, but you can see certain types on desktops as well. Here’s an example of Google’s video carousel on desktop:

Types of Google carousels

Google has been experimenting with these search elements for years, gradually expanding the types and showing them for more and more queries. Currently, these carousel types are generally supported:


Probably the most common type of carousels, this type can be seen on both desktop and mobile devices website development company in navsari bazar.


These mostly appear on mobile devices for queries where Google may have found that searchers respond best to image results. On desktop, this element usually appears as an image block instead of a carousel. Using the “types of neckwear” example above, here’s what the image carousel looks like on desktop:


Not all carousels appear as standalone search elements. Some are nested inside an organic search result. Google supports the following types of hosted carousels:

  • Course schedule
  • Movie list
  • Recipe list
  • Restaurant

Knowledge base

Triggered by what Google knows about a topic, these carousels usually contain “entities” Google associates with the target search query, for example, “best movies on …,” “places to see in …,” “names of …”

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