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5 Freelance Writing Tips That Will Help Grow Your Career

If you want to become not only a freelance writer but a sought-after one, it is imperative you develop a strategic growth plan for your writing business.

Freelance writers who deliberately improve their marketability have a much higher chance of building long and profitable careers as on-demand content creators.

While learning the basics of effective writing is essential, for example, grammar, spelling, creativity, and conciseness, freelance writers also need to learn vital skills like how to develop a content strategy, investigate industry trends, and acquire new clients via market analysis.

If you want to build a thriving career as a knowledgeable content creation specialist, following are 5 freelance writing tips that will help you take your career to the next level.


1. Know your goals when building a freelance writing career.

It’s easy to get side-tracked or fall into less-than-profitable writing niches when you are starting.

Understand where you want your writing career to lead you
How much you want to earn on an annual/monthly basis
Where you plan to find profitable clients
Which marketing strategies you plan to use to accelerate your freelance writing business’ growth rate

2. Add testimonials to your website or online bio.

Social proof is essential for increased content writing referrals.

Whether you are offering blog posts for sale on Constant Content or building your freelance writer portfolio, highlighting your expertise and experience is crucial for attracting clients to your writing talents.

3. Create a content calendar, so you know when content is due.

Organizing isn’t just about having a clean workspace; it’s about keeping on top of the writing jobs you’ve taken on.

Keep a calendar and know your deadlines. Most smartphones even have programs that will help you organize your time. Turning an assignment in late sends a bad message to your customers and often won’t give the editors as much time to proof your article. Prioritize your jobs, so you get them all done promptly.

4. Develop a writing process to improve your odds of long-term writing success.

Freelance writers with an established writing routine tend to be more productive than those taking an ‘I write whenever I feel like it’ approach to content creation. Business owners don’t just open their shop whenever they feel like. If you want to build a long list of happy writing clients, developing your writing process is essential.

You need to be specific about the time you will commit to writing. When are you most productive? After breakfast, or in the evening? Once you know this, you can plan your days more effectively, setting aside time for family, rest, and recreation.

You might want to work hard, but you shouldn’t run yourself into the ground. Set aside time for small breaks and a more extended lunch break. If the weather’s nice, go for a ten-minute walk. Finding time to relax is vital for keeping your mind fresh.

5. Learn how to manage your time if you want to become an in-demand freelance writer.

Understand when you should be building your writing business through marketing to acquire new clients and when you should be writing to keep current clients happy with your content contributions.

Managing your time effectively is one of the most significant prerequisites to becoming a successful freelance writer. You need to balance how much time they spend trying to land new freelance writing jobs, doing research and writing the copy. If you find that you’re spending too much time research and fact checking, check out our post on streamlining the fact-checking process.

That said, flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of being a freelancer, so be sure to make time for friends, family, and leisure. Research has found that people are more productive when they’re happy, so there’s nothing wrong with a little ‘you’ time.

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