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website development company in ring road

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7 Mistakes You May Be Making in Your Content Development

1. Don’t know the customer

Failure to fully understand customer needs and wants drives poor and unclear communication – which wastes precious energy and time and serves as a frustration point to customers. This challenge could ultimately have a negative impact on your brand.

2. Stay in the funnel

Getting too stuck in “funnel thinking” instead of serving our audience’s needs with authenticity, agility, and empathy. The COVID-19 pandemic brought this to the forefront. The traditional buyer’s journey became irrelevant for many businesses, but those who responded with empathy and a deep understanding of their personas continued to provide value and build trust throughout the crisis.


3. Force the connection

(It) is when a content producer or team thinks that the best customer experience comes from forcing customers to enter through their team’s portal. Self-service is key today. The best self-service happens wherever the customer happens to be. 4. Operate without structure

(It) is not having a defined and ratified strategy that:

  • Sets the focus/strategic initiatives that the team(s) will work toward executing
  • Clearly defines the governance model that will drive content operations
  • Details the goals, KPIs, and metrics that will be tracked to monitor the teams’ progress towards the identified goals.
  • ED CONTENT: Got a Plan? Content Marketing Success Demands It
    5. Do all with one

    Having campaigns to address every stage of the customer life cycle can be very daunting. But, having a campaign that is trying to do it all (awareness, growth, loyalty, etc.) isn’t the right answer. Marketers should target their campaigns for specific purposes and specific parts of their customer’s journey. Being more targeted not only helps with clarity in content creation, but it simplifies what KPIs you need to track in order to measure success for the campaign.6. Operate in parallel universes

    The biggest issue today is fragmenting the brand and wasting huge amounts of resource and time by creating parallel content strategies. The research clearly says that customer experience needs to be seamless and omnichannel.

    Content teams need to get to the root of the issue and build structures, governance, models, and strategies that allow teams working in channels, regions, and agencies to have shared standards and repositories to work from. Personas, journeys, taxonomies – share them widely.

7. Fail to get sufficient information

Data, data, data. The biggest mistake is that not enough time is spent acquiring and curating data for the creation of customer and buyer personas, and a strategy for your content.

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