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What to Know About Google’s FAQ Rich Snippets

Google’s search engine result pages are ever changing and becoming more visual, informative, and interactive.

They now include featured snippets, interactive image and video carousels, local three-pack boxes, people-also-ask sections, and an array of so-called rich snippets with additional information, like customer reviews and price website development company in surat station.

One recently introduced rich snippet is the FAQ snippet, and lots of content marketers are unaware of what it is or how it works. Let’s change that.

What is an FAQ rich snippet?

An FAQ rich snippet is one of Google’s enhanced search snippets that includes questions covered on the linked page. Every question can be clicked to unfold an answer taken from the linked page.

With the plugin, you can mark up on-page H2 and H3 subheads as questions and type in your answer underneath. FAQ/knowledge-base-building plugins and themes also support the markup website development company in surat station.

Some brands use FAQPage schema creatively. Nextiva creates long-form content powered by niche frequently asked questions. Zoho integrates an FAQ section on cornerstone landing pages. WorkWise uses the code on software product pages:

It is also a good idea to create a clickable table of contents based on those subheadings (this is what generates that “JMP to” link in the screenshot above).

Should it only appear on an FAQ page?

You can add the FAQ section anywhere on your site as long as at least two questions are immediately followed by a concise answer. A single author must write the questions and answers.

Don’t use FAQ page schema if answers are submitted by users or through forums. There’s a separate rich markup for that called Q&A page schema.

Are there any restrictions?

Google offers guidelines on properly using the structured markup:

  • Don’t use it in a promotional way (no ads). This schema is only for informational purposes.
  • Mark up your question and answer with the code. Don’t provide an excerpt of your question or answer. Include all of it.
  • If an FAQ section appears sitewide or on many pages of your site, only mark up one instance.
  • Other than that, at the time of this writing, Google doesn’t provide any fierce restrictions as to where it wants or doesn’t want you to include the schema.

    As far as official guidelines are concerned, you can use it on your homepage as well. (Even though many Google experts argue that no structured markup should be included on the homepage, I have no reason to agree with that argument in this FAQ case).

    How to tell if I did everything right?

    Once you push your FAQ schema markup live, go ahead and run Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. It will show if Google can see the markup and if there are any errors to fix:

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