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3 Tips on Writing Better Headlines.

Over the years I’ve written a lot about writing headlines.

I even teach a course on the subject website development company in vesu.

But of all the tips I share, I have three favorites.

In fact, these are the tips – or filters – I use myself when trying to improve my own headlines.

Let’s get started…

Headline Tip #1: Never tell the whole story in the headline

This is a classic mistake, whether you’re writing a sales page or a content page, like a blog post or article.

There’s a temptation to give away too much in the headline website development company in vesu.

Here’s an example of saying too much.

“The best country to raise your child is Denmark.”

After reading that headline, I no longer need to read the rest of the page. You’ve told me the topic, and you’ve given me the answer.

Job done!

The version of that headline I actually found online was this:

“The best country to raise your child is…”

The topic is revealed, but not the answer. Much better. Now, if I’m interested in the topic, I’ll keep reading or click through.

Now I’m engaged, intrigued even.

Headline Tip #2: Include a promise of some kind

I like to include some kind of feel-good promise into my headlines.

Why? Because people like to feel good.

People go to enormous lengths to feel good.

People buy stuff, and services, in search of feeling good!

That’s why I try to write a positive promise into most of my headlines.


“Eat 7 bananas a day and live longer.”

Nice promise there. People want to live longer.

BTW – that line is totally made up. I’m pretty sure eating 7 bananas a day WON’T make you live longer!

Headline Tip#3: Frontload your promise

My bananas headline is OK. It has a promise. But the real promise, the most powerful one, is at the end of the line.

Let’s bring it to the front, where it belongs…

“Live longer by eating 7 bananas a day.”

An easy switch, but an important one.

Why? Because not everyone reads the entire headline.

Sad, but true.

So you need to frontload the most powerful benefit, expressing it within the first few words of the line.

Hang on… I think we just ignored tip number one…

We just told the whole story…

“Live longer by eating 7 bananas a day.”


But don’t worry. This how I write and edit my own headlines. Back and forth, until I get it right.

Now let’s make a quick tweak, so the reader has a reason to dive in and read the full page.

 “Live longer by eating 7 servings of this one fruit, every day.”

Hmmm. Mystery. Which fruit? Better keep reading to find out!

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